So you love playing Tiny Rails and you’ve already read the Beginner’s Guide so you know all the basics about passengers and the market. You’ve probably finished all the story chapters, or at the very least all the US ones. But you’re not satisfied with that, oh no. Maybe you’re […]

Tiny Rails Advanced Guide

Should I get Tiny Rails? Tiny Rails is a train-simulator/management rpg from Tiny Titan Studios, available for iPhone and Android. It’s heavily retro inspired with it’s old school graphics and effects but has modern game design. There are more features than can quickly be listed here, you’ll find them all […]

Tiny Rails Beginner’s Guide

Starting from a RAW file, learn how to balance blacks and whites, stamp out freckles, shape body parts without affecting the background, dodge and burn the shadows and highlights, enhance eye color, and add visual effects to make a perfect portrait.

How to Edit Portraits in Photoshop

How do you make a kids version of your menu? What elements need to be changed to make it kid-friendly but still useful to adults trying to order for their small children? Find out all that and more using a case study of The Thatch Pub and Restaurant.

The Thatch: New Children’s Menu