Things to know

About Codama Design

We provide creative solutions to our clients, creating sites and products that get attention.
As an added service, we provide meaningful and insightful data about current and future customers.

Our History

Officially founded in 2016, Codama Design has been helping businesses create new websites, media, and physical products since 2010 and earlier. Our designers have a balanced mix of self-taught in-depth knowledge and classical schooling. We’ve got the drive, passion, and talent to creatively solve your problems.

Our Achievements

The service we provide is often behind the scenes. We don’t want your customers thinking of us when they see your new menu or the new labels on your product – we want them to think of you! We’ve helped dozens of businesses bring their products and presence to the forefront of their customers’ minds for years.

Our Vision

Our goal is to help you. You already make a great product, but your customers can’t find you online unless you exist there. We’ll get you online so your customers can get to you and make your business grow.

Sample Info from one of our clients
Monthly Visitors
23 %
Customer Increase
$ 688
Monthly Sales Increase
Shiny New Site
Responsive Site

Pricing Table

Fawn Package

Perfect for the first step in bringing your business online
  • Completely Hands-Free Setup
  • One Page
  • Monthly Hosting
  • You provide logo + branding

Elk Package

Suitable for small businesses ready to step up their game
  • Same as Fawn Package, plus:
  • Google Search Setup
  • Monthly Analytics
  • Additional Storage Space


Great for businesses ready to take on their competition
  • Same as Elk Package plus:
  • As many Pages/Edits as you want
  • Advanced SEO
  • Social Media Setup
  • $15/mth hosting

Get online now with any of our site and branding packages: